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While living in Asia I have had the privilege to sample some of its countries’ best and most delicious foods. Here in Thailand I have tasted a wide variety of foods, ranging from Thai street food to Chinese & Western dishes.

On this occasion I journeyed to Great Wall Chinese Restaurant located at Asia Hotel, Sukhumvit, hungry for good food and ready for a new experience.

Overall I found Asia hotel to be quite an interesting building.

Its strategic location is great for those wanting to stay at heart of the city and to enjoy the benefits of the near-by BTS station.

The building itself is quite old, hugely spacious and dimly lit. I don’t know why but it was like arriving in another time period. Its layout could have been designed in the 70’s and my guess is that it has not changed since then and felt as a time-travel / retro experience.

Arriving at the Great Wall restaurant I couldn’t help to notice its traditional appearance and enjoyed the amazing Chinese-Style Rosewood furniture, paintings and carved wooden screens.


The restaurant’s specialty is its feature of an impressive variety of dim sum dumplings which are included as part of an impressive buffet and on that occasion, it also offered a variety of sushi dishes.

About the food, let me begin by saying that I really enjoyed their Jasmine Green tea and thanks to the well air-conditioned room temperature the mood was set for enjoying a warm cup of Chinese tea.

Tea aside, I was still stunned by the variety of dim sums available at the buffet line but only after consulting the menu came to know that there are a stunning fourty types of dumplings available, excluding the sushi dishes which were on special for that particular period of time.

Many of the dumplings were just so interesting to sample and quite honestly I have never been faced with some much variety of one type of dish prior to this experience.

My first instinct was to greedily sample as many of the dumplings as quickly as possible and having skipped breakfast was helpful indeed. J And so, with a mouth watering hunger I began working my way through the different dim sum dumplings.  

Among the many types I sampled, there were a few favorites but because I personally find taste and flavor difficult to express in writing I would recommend trying them out first hand after the following attempt to describe them.

So, without further ado, the Taro deep fried croquettes made number One on my favorite list. Simply delicious and crunchy on the outside one cannot ignore the flavorful ingredients contained in these croquettes of pure joy.  


My second favorite was the Green Tea wheat flower pork dumplings which I have never had ate before. Because of the originality of using green tea with wheat flower to make dumplings combined with the pork recipe within, made this dim sum worthy of mention.

At third place came the classic shrimp dumplings which are just floury and delicious to eat, especially when dipped in its special vinegar sauce.


The last of the favorite dishes which actually was part of the dessert, will be remembered as the taro with sweetened pork soft roll with sauce. I had better not say any more.

After feasting away at the table, the meal’s ending was celebrated by enjoying a plate of mixed fruit as the perfect conclusion to this food experience.


Overall I enjoyed the Great Wall Chinese restaurant and if I were to summarize it in only a few works I would start and end with: Traditionally Furnished, Endless Dim Sum and Full & Satisfied.

I really hope that you have enjoyed this write up and I look forward to sharing more experiences again soon! 
Created date : 11-06-2016
Updated date : 11-06-2016
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I love to explore culuture through food and mainly enjoy Eastern cuisine, anything from street food to gourmet stuff... In short, anything worth sinking teeth into.

I love asian culture and spent a total of three years as a Monk in India and Nepal Studying Buddhism.
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